On the first day we arrived at Hornberg at 12 o’clock. Then we ate and played games. As we wanted to make a camp fire we collected wood. In the evening we went to bed at 10 o’clock.

The next day we played „Capture the flag“ after breakfast.

In the afternoon I played kicker against Ms Geiger and I was the winner. But we, the girls, had a funny idea: We pranked the boys at 4 o’clock.

On the third day we got up early to climb on a rock. After we did the dishes, we had a BBQ at the camp fire and it was very yummy.

The following day there were different workshops. I chose to shoot with bow and arrow. The last evening we had a kind of party, it was fun, because we played a lot of games.

The last day we cleaned the house and prepared for the departure.

It was a nice trip with my class! Claudia, 6b

Our trip to Hornberg